Valley of Peace
7th Day Adventist Academy
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Valley of Peace
Cayo District
Belize, Central America



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Valley of Peace is a growing community of nearly 2500 people.  Originally a Maya settlement, it was established to provide sanctuary for Salvadoran refugee farmers and their families fleeing civil war in the 1980's 

Valley of Peace SDA High School is the only high school in the village. There are 2 primary schools with a combined graduating class of about 50 students each year, but only half of these children are able to attend high school.

Though education is highly valued and most want their children to receive a high school education, few in Valley of Peace can afford to pay the tuition fees, cost of books, and uniforms. 

The Valley of Peace SDA 
High School Scholarship Program

The Valley of Peace SDA High School scholarship program has been established to help many more students attend high school.

Tuition for the first and second years is $900BZ ($450US) per year. Books cost about $350BZ ( $175US) and uniforms $100 ($50US). 3rd and 4th year students must pay $700BZ ($350US) per year, but in the 4th year there is an additional graduation fee of $250 ($125US).